Ship agent represents the ship’s owner and/or charterer (the Principal) in port. If so instructed, the agent is responsible to the Principal for arranging, together with the port, a berth, all relevant port and husbandry services, tending to the requirements of the Master and crew, clearing the ship with the port and other authorities (including preparation and submission of appropriate documentation) along with releasing or receiving cargo on behalf of the Principal. Shipping agencies should have the license to operate as such.

There are International Agents and local Agents.

International Agents target a worldwide service for their Clients. It may be interesting to operate with only One agent worldwide for Liner business for instance but it may not be appropriated for O&G clients who are locally project driven. It is however essential to chose the right local shipping agent  in order to coordinate shipping, freight forwarding and husbandry issues ashore.

Most of shipping agents are dedicated to their tasks and offer a good operational performance. But in some countries and for a better control of logistics and operations ashore, Oil & Gas Majors may have an interest to set up an additional shore representative, aware of client own priorities and  also able to understand things on the ground.

SHOREREP offers:

  • Crew change control
  • Freight forwarding follow up
  • Analysis of local logistics
  • Port calls organization and reporting Immigration & husbandry process monitoring Trade compliance risks monitoring
  • Respect of Client HSE procedures
  • Invoices cost control and associated reporting

SHOREREP is NOT an AGENT substitute and do NOT offer:

  • Compliance of ship documentation with international regulation
  • Vessel importation/ clearance in/out
  • Declaration to customs
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Cash to master