• IBAMA Permit
  • Navy Permit
  • Sanitary certifcate to be ready on arrival

Crew Visas

There is a new obligation to have same nationality than seamans book  or flag of the vessel.
 ILO185 for all crew
ILO105 for Norwegian only
Swedish, Ukrainian, etc  will need a Visa.
Work visa can be organized in Montevideo.


REPETRO is a special customs regime for importation and exportation of goods destined for use in activities relating to the exploration and production of oil and natural gas in Brazil. Under the REPETRO regime, certain goods contained in a list created by the Federal Revenue Secretariat can be temporarily imported into Brazil to be employed in oil and natural gas exploration and production activities, with the suspension of the federal taxes that would otherwise be applicable upon importation.

Support vessel


Vessel Importation requirement: Vessels circularization within ANTAQ system.

Circularization start must be minimum 67 days prior vessel arrival, therefore if vessels has no blockage from any BRZ owner it would allowed to arrive to Brazil only 67 days after this requirement date.If no similar BRZ vessel available prior to this date, the vessel should be accepted.Vessel to be registered within SAMA system when  conducting circularization:

It is possible though, under normally good conditions, to reduce that duration to 40 days Total.


From there, importation port should be identified and Mobilization window can be assessed. If vessel are not blocked, the minimum time required to import is 74 days :

67 days ( minimum time granted by ANTAQ) required time so that vessels arrive to Brazil.  During this time vessels shall be prepared to receive local Port State Control. 7 days are required upon its arrival to conduct at same time following activities to release vessel to operation:

Importation Process (REPETRO) : 7 days from its arrival.                                                               Clearance of Local authorities : 1 day (same day of arrival).                                                           Port State Control Inspection: 2 days from its arrival.

Manning Local Content

Local crew can stay a maximum of 28 days on board or penalties have to be paid. So crew  changes have to be precisely managed.

O-90 days : no local crew required. in practice, a portugese speaker is welcome though.

90-180 days : 33% crew should be local

180-360 days : 50%

over 360 days : 66%


Temporary Importation with proportional taxes for periods of 30 days until ADE is ready to be transferred to REPETRO SPED

Chase Vessel