Food supply limited  Supplies are expensive and have to be requested weeks in advance, especially in Beira.   

Temporary Importation                                                                                Contractual Documents to be translated in Portugese and distributed to Ministries.   Vessel TI bond is equal to a fraction ( from 1 to 5%) of the tax related to a definitive importation, which is calculated as follow: [duties 2.5% of vessel CIF value +17% of VAT on vessel CIF value + duties]. Note that a reduction of the vessel TI bond can be requested to the director of Tax during the process of vessel importation. The form of guarantee can be insurance , bank guarantee or cash. Process is considered “completed” when the custom fee, called MCNET tax, has been paid. MCNET fee is calculated as follow : 0.85% of Vessel FOB value + VAT ( 17% ). For a seismic vessel, depending on her value, the MCNET fee could be around 1.4 MUSD. An exemption can be granted. 

INAMAR Instituto National de marinha should grant a seaworthy certificate to any vessel working in Mozambique waters. Inspector will go through Vessel and crew certificates and report findings. It may be wise to pay for inspector travel costs and arrange inspection before reaching Mozambique waters.

Vessel Clearance Inward clearance should be done alongside , Outward clearance can be done offshore. Clearance are valid 48 Hours.