Shipowner clearance: Agent will submit application to MASA ( Malaysian Shipowners association)

NSC ( National Security Council ) should provide a letter to local branch of Oil Company requesting the seismic survey in Malaysia.

DSL ( Malaysian Domestic Shipping License ) have to be approved by MOT (Ministry of Transport )for seismic vessel and also for support vessel.( see below MOT approval )

Documents requested for this:Trading certificates, NSC letter, LOA from Client

Time : 10 days after Shipowner clearance.

Only One foreign flag support Vessel for License application. Seismic support  purpose specifications required.

Domestic Port Clearance to be requested once DSL has been approved by MOT


Crew certificates

For Petronas, PCSB medicals certificates are required.

Offshore safety inductions are also required for PETRONAS:

Chase vessels



If the Client is Petronas , OSVIS inspections are required for each vessels .

For another Client OVID/OVIQ standard audit works.

OSP (Offshore Safety Permit) to be done for each crew member.

D&A ( Drug and Alcool ) testing to be set up.


Best for seismic operator is that Client is to be able to farm in a sharing agreement through the Client. It is not always feasible.

There is a special helideck certificate in Malaysia: