Local contact

Having a good local contact is very helpful in Mauritania.


Please contact us if you want our free subjective opinion.

Clearance out


Doctor for Medevac + flying with Helicopter:

Tel./fax : 222-45252398  –  îlot M 90 – B.P. 4904  NOUAKCHOTT – MAURITANIE

E-mail : medcabinet@yahoo.fr


We suggest to arrange offshore deliveries when working offshore Mauritania. An analysis of the market should be done at the time of survey in order to benefit from a barge operating in the surroundings or passing by regularly. Barge Q88 to be shared with Seismic vessel. It may be interesting to commit for a minimum delivered quantity over the survey period.

SK have the license to deliver fuel offshore within Mauritanian waters ( still in 2018/2019  ).

Typical delivery  with a barge like B.Ocean at below location with below product COQ

Price: ​Platts European Marketscan Mediterranean cargoes Max of CIF MED Gasoil  0.1%  (PLATTS Code : AAVJI00)  plus a Premium to be negotiated.


SAS Argus


  • 4% CIT
  • 4% PIT